Not too long since, you might choose any shop in town and get those wooden ‘strike anywhere’ kitchen suits.

Not too long since, you might choose any shop in town and get those wooden ‘strike anywhere’ kitchen suits.

Perhaps strony dla swingerГіw not a single store seems to be carrying all of them nowadays and the clerks simply bring myself a blank stare plus don’t know what we referring to.

I’m sure Scary Gary ended up being promoting his follows to stockpile all of them sometime back but I really don’t need (nore have actually room to keep) a $40 circumstances ones – i just need 3 or 4 cartons.

Just what exactlyis the scoop right here? Is actually others having difficulting discovering these?


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Arnie, they truly are unlawful a number of (only a few) states. Too great a potential for mischief.

Illicit? Definitely you jest? Whenever? Where? Just What!?

What kind of thought is it predicated on?

They’ll offer me a completely automated, huge magazine fit (in other words. a Bic light) nonetheless they won’t offer me personally a ‘strike anywhere’ complement? I feel like i am asleep for 20 years..

I too were vainly seeking these little gems. Other than y2k, we camp out & backpack alot, and achieving to tote the “hit on container” matches was a royal problems, because you need to possibly take the entire package, or cut fully out the “hit” area of the package and bring that. We haven’t seen the “strike anywhere” held in food markets during my neighborhood for around 8 weeks. I am today tinkering with alternative mobile ground which will ignite the “safety” cooking area fits. No fortune up until now, merely many wasted suits. I’ll upload if I find something that really works. Any ideas?

Arnie, i came across all of them at Intelligent & Final (real smaller form of Costco) in San Jose.

A 3 container plan with 250 suits in each box for $2.39. HTH, Rich

The main reason you need to use the area of the container on those safety fits is the fact that there’s a chemical on that part that has to be with the match resulting in it to ignite. That isn’t merely a rough area about box part. Strike-anywhere fits have actually that small further tip on them that ignite from only rubbing. Anyway, you might like to sign in which includes hunting and angling shops, pole and weapon sites. You will find heard that a lot of them would carry those fits. It seems the problem is certainly one of moving all of them from the manufacturing plant for the shops. They truly are indexed as “hazardous material” now (thank the us government for the) and shippers put plenty of limits to them. However, ammunition is also purely controlled in transport, very maybe the factory can integrate her fits with this type of additional unsafe materials shipments to firearm shops.

The small wooden in a package kind will strike on your hiney if you find yourself wear tight-fitting denim jeans. (I saw the boys exercise yesterday evening whenever they had been burning the barbecue)

Some years ago an other where I worked talked-about his raising upwards in South Carolina. The guy said the guy with his friends would complete this short 1″ pipeline with matchheads, close both stops with hard nipples, fasten the pipe on only a little wooden raft, take it to a fishing pond they knew about, drift the raft and allow the wind remove it from shore a little. They’d sit back in the forests and take at they with 22 cal. rifles. Ultimately anybody would hit the pipe, the fit heads would ignite, the tube gone growth, and additionally they’d head out to collect the stunned seafood.

Arnie, I seen exactly the same thing around right here. My husband is able to find some at a regional grocery cycle Crest’s in MWC,OK. I have bought the thing I thought comprise “strike anywhere” but don’t spend near adequate attention when i got to my home and considered all of them much more directly, they certainly were the “strike on container” kinds. Ever since then, i am checking the suits down the match-charcoal-fluid,etc. aisles at the supermarkets and realize that they’ve been hit on field kinds. Will search which type Walmart supercenter possess the next time i am here.

We suspected that the white tip on the strike-anywhere fits happened to be some type of phosphorus mixture, but i did not desire to wreak havoc on that type of things alone. Thanks for the data. I’ll hold lookin. Arnie, keep matches dry!

The grocery store we typically check-out hasn’t have all of them the last 2 times I happened to be there, however they carry out often have these fits. The company they carry says “Kansas Blue Suggestion suits – Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches” on the container.

I’ve not a problem finding all of them within Cleveburgh.

“These include listed as “hazardous product” now (thank the us government for the) and shippers place most constraints to them.

Oh which is rich. Exactly the same national that vessels the anthrax virus via government present (without warnings or handling safety measures attached) treats suits with higher care. I’m really serious. Had gotten that first-hand yesterday from individuals with the means to access government present delivery information. Oh well, that’s all of our government for ya. Penny practical and pound foolish.

The amount of ya wish and how much is ya ready to spend? We have plenty around here.

No secret. Responsibility lawyers ‘strike’ once more.

Seem, put aside various box of them. At 250 suits each they will certainly endure ages in case you are careful. Next go out and purchase a number of handfuls of butane lighters. You now have flames for lifetime.

Ohio Blue Tip and Diamond “strike on container” suits are available in grocery stores down here in Georgia. They’ve been strike anywhere matches, though it does not say-so about field.

Just one single most comment regarding strike anywhere, Kansas azure techniques. When Gary North published that item about them, in the past, we called the team with all the numer GN had offered. Got a real great woman there who mentioned these people were having actual issues with locating shippers for product. Obviously, some shippers will go them, other don’t, or some set many restrictions and additional charge on them that the Kansas company did not utilize them. She mentioned these were focusing on attempting to solve the trouble. And so I imagine you will notice them in a number of markets, not other people, depending on which trucker is actually will to carry them to the spot that he is generating runs to. Simple as that. A superb item, been with us for decades, but has now operate afoul of security regulations whenever they wish to go the item across county outlines.

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