I realized she had been bi-curious this past year whenever she said certainly the girl wedded women co-workers was flirting

I realized she had been bi-curious this past year whenever she said certainly the girl wedded women co-workers was flirting

Men actually certain of his upcoming together with lover

DEAR ABBY: My personal fiance and I also have been in our very own very early 50s. We outdated for two ages and have now started involved for three several months. She actually is a great woman, and that I cannot think about existence without this lady.

along with her and she kind of enjoyed they. Since then, their unique connection has grown, plus they get-together every little while for intimacy inside our home. They’ve got even requested us to join them, that we have not done however.

My fiancee claims the woman isn’t a lesbian or bisexual and what she and her friend are doing was simple fun, but I’m not so positive. Up until now, You will findn’t generated something from it and retire for the night inside my normal times whenever the woman pal visits to allow them to bring their own enjoyable. But I have we launched Pandora’s container by being so agreeable?

She pledges no romantic thinking are involved, that the lady friend is not any hazard to our commitment plus the a couple of them are simply blowing down steam. All of our relationship is great, and she says nothing can exchange us when you look at the bedroom. Can I continue steadily to see another ways? Or is this a fork from inside the roadway that may create a life of “anything happens”? — CONFOUNDED IN KENTUCKY

DEAR CONFOUNDED: that isn’t occurring because you “allowed” they. Truly going on since this is what their fiancee feels she demands. Not knowing the lady, i cannot foresee in which the woman is on a Kinsey scale — a-one becoming entirely heterosexual and a 10 are entirely homosexual. Now, I don’t believe she will both.

Unless you’re at ease with the concept of live in this manner, I encourage you to definitely posses a very long engagement since it is anyone’s imagine exactly how this may turn-out. The 3 people are common consenting grownups, therefore I wont determine. (i can not assist but question if spouse of your own fiancee’s enthusiast is aware of the steam they are blowing down.) I have to, but suggest if a normal, monogamous relationships is exactly what you need, the fiancee is almost certainly not the woman obtainable.

DEAR ABBY: i’m 15, and in my work I use the my personal cousins and siblings

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Everybody we use states i am flirting with two dudes who’re just my friends. I do not wish visitors to think I’m flirting because I am not. How to persuade individuals who our company is simply pals and nothing a lot more? — HELPFUL TEENAGE IN IDAHO

DEAR TEENAGER: The folks who are accusing you of flirting can be teasing you to get an impulse. Or, they could be wanting to suggest things important that you need to keep in mind while you are working. Cooperating with anybody is different from hanging out. The relationships is a little more proper (and big) than in a social surroundings away from the task.


This may never be their just venture into the workforce, when you might be some more mature, you will definitely recognize that procedures frustrating personal relations between work colleagues, both created and unwritten, are placed in place to safeguard both you and business. Therefore as opposed to focus on persuading “people” that you’re perhaps not flirting, become your friendly home in a pro way.

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