How-to pitch magazines: 4 strategies for success

How-to pitch magazines: 4 strategies for success

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Getting printed in a glossy magazine is frequently an important purpose for PR pros.

We sat down with three experts to learn more about the art of pitching mags.

Content strategist/PR advisor Sally Farhat Kassab spent extreme amount of the lady profession in magazines because the editor of Seattle Bride and an associate editor at mothers.

When Kristi Dosh isn’t helping to establish advertisers and nonfiction writers, she’s a freelance publisher adding to different publications, like Forbes and POPSUGAR.

Elena Mauer try a freelance editor and author, with a back ground in editing at both mags and electronic guides. Their operate is printed in moms and dads, Bridal Guide, Self therefore the Knot mags.

Differences between pitching mags and various other news

Magazines include an alternative beast than many other different media.

Familiarizing yourself using nitty-gritty of publications is vital before even contemplating giving a pitch. As an example, mags need a language of one’s own.

Eg, you might notice PR masters and journalists as well utilize the phrase FOB or “Front-of-the-Book.” This consists of lots of faster parts that you may get in a magazine like the desk of contents, masthead, page from publisher and quick one-page subjects. The FOB is very distinct from everything you might find throughout the rest of the mag — and probably even has its own publisher to pitch.

“The most pitches I gotten comprise off-target,” part Kassab. “A countless the full time someone would deliver pitches towards editor-in-chief with no knowledge of they’d have actually a greater chances as long as they would’ve sent it on the right people to start with.”

What furthermore makes mags unique is their timeline. Magazines organize a great deal further ahead of time (consider: at the least three-four several months) versus other sorts of mass media, which regularly are more instant.

Dosh, exactly who pitches publications as an author knows that magazines call for plenty of lead time for print.

“A March problem might close in mid-December,” says Dosh. “I’d start by calling an editor with my original pitch about 8 weeks ahead of time, so mid-October.”

Don’t leave timing end up being the problem of one’s pitch. Get accustomed to prep far out ahead and become close friends along with your calendar.

Really does pitching magazine editors nevertheless seem frightening? Our professionals let’s around on these three guidelines.

Methods for pitching mag editors. 1. Of course, research your options

One common bond throughout all these pitching courses? You should do your own homework. It’s as easy as that.

Pitching an inappropriate publisher is something, but make sure to check that the subject you’re pitching drops into precisely what the mag really addresses.

“For instance, at Parents, we performedn’t previously come up with teens,” offers Kassab. “Half associated with pitches we received had been teenage relevant, however we just secure pregnancy through get older seven-plus.”

That’s a novice blunder.

Regarding reporter area, Dosh features many terms of advice for any pitching PR expert:

“i enjoy to see in the first paragraph which you’ve completed pursuit, understand what I manage and so are offer me a story/angle that is demonstrably a good fit — better yet if you’re providing myself a unique.”

Keep in mind, your own pitch was facing a flood of email therefore don’t incorporate facts than you need to to catch a reporter or editor’s interest.

“Don’t bury the most crucial part of the pitch all things considered of an email,” supplies Kassab. “My best PR person would write one paragraph and state, ‘Here’s the pitch, if you prefer details i might be happy to submit more information.’”

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